Volga, South Dakota 57071
Volga, South Dakota 57071


First Lutheran Cemetery is owned and governed by First Lutheran Lutheran Congregation, Volga, South Dakota. The management of this cemetery is vested in a board of three members from the congregation. The members shall be elected by the congregation at its annual meeting, for a term of three years. The chairman of the cemetery board shall be a member of the board of Properties of First Lutheran.

Grave Site Cost 

Member grave site…$900

Non-Member site…$1,800

Columbarium Niche Cost

Member niche top row…$2200

Member niche middle row…$2100

Member niche bottom row…$2000

Non-Member niche top row…$3200

Non-Member niche middle row…$3100

Non-Member niche bottom row…$3000

Interment Fee…$150 per grave or niche

Stone Setting Fee…$100 per memorial


Snow Removal Fee for Burials…$100

Feel free to look at the First Lutheran Lutheran cemetery website by clicking here.



History as printed in the 125th Anniversary book.

• Volga Lutheran Cemetery
• Steps were taken in 1882 to secure a cemetery for the Volga Parish of Medary Congregation. Two acres of land were accepted from the southeast corner of Nicolai Evenson’s homestead. Gulbrand Nelson, Albert Hardy and August Wall were elected to a committee to measure the cemetery into lots 20′ x 24′, dividing the cemetery into blocks, with each block containing four lots.
• A committee was elected to form a constitution for the Cemetery Association, becoming effective January 1, 1952. The committee has under its jurisdiction not only the Volga Lutheran Cemetery, but also the Bethania Lutheran Cemetery (commonly known as the Bergh Cemetery) located four miles south and one-half mile west of Volga. The committee of three men has full and complete care and management of the cemeteries, grant burial rights, collecting monies due and rendering a full account of all transactions.
• A map of the north addition showing locations of lots and identification of graves was made in 1977.
• The north addition of the cemetery has three different sized lots: 10 by 20 feet, 10 by 10 feet and 5 by 10 feet. The west addition has not yet been plotted.
• The fence across the east edge of the Volga Cemetery was removed, along with the metal entrance gates, in May 1966. Before Memorial Day that year, two pairs of gates were erected to improve the appearance of the cemetery. The Luther Leaguers have been mowing the cemetery since 1970.
• A storage shed to house the mowers was built in 1970. The cost, $600, was divided between the church and the Cemetery Association. The two groups also shared the $528.90 cost of enlarging the shed in 1976.
• The cemetery was under the supervision of the Church Council until January 1952. Two acres of land were purchased from the Lien Estate, one-half acre to the north side of the original cemetery, and one and one-half acres to the west side.

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