Volga, South Dakota 57071
Volga, South Dakota 57071


About First Lutheran

We are inviting people to know Jesus Christ, connecting a living faith and growing in ministry.

We are engaged in our mission to practice unconditional hospitality, spirit-led worship, and education with continued faith development across generations.


Pray for one another
Equip families
Engage in ministry
Vision Statement: People praying together to strengthen and support each other in their spiritual growth.
Action: Create more opportunities for us to pray together as a congregation.

Vision Statement: Christ transforming lives to empower us to care for one another as He cares for us.
Action: Active lay visitation and random acts of kindness for the sick, grieving, and lonely.

Vision Statement: Affirming and equipping families to live healthy Christ-centered lives in the world today.
Action: Shepherding families by providing support groups, opportunities for sharing, and guidance.

As part of the body of Christ and as ministry teams, we commit to:

Affirm, encourage, pray for, and bless one another and the ministries we represent.
Appreciate and affirm each other’s gifts, backgrounds, and viewpoints.
Speak well of each other to build up the body of Christ.
Communicate with each other in honest, open, Christ-like ways and help others do the same.
Hold each other accountable to living out our faith and fulfilling our mission.
Honor each other’s individual pace and working style.

Practicing our faith is something we do every day, everywhere.
We’re about building authentic friendships, not just being friendly.
We view home as church too!
Everybody has a faith story and a gift to share.
We view parents, grandparents, and godparents as key faith shapers young people’s lives.
What is God up to in your life?
What is the next step in your journey of faith?
Vision Statement: Strengthen and energize our ministry to children and youth by developing creative opportunities for intergenerational interaction and learning.

Vision Statement: Creating a church environment where everyone feels comfortable and at home.
Action: Visiting and welcoming new members in the community and advertising our presence in the community.

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History as printed in the 125th Anniversary book.

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Worship Times
• Sunday Worship – 9:30 a.m. In Person/YouTube & Facebook Live Worship
• Sunday Education Hour – following Worship at 10:45 a.m. Preschool-Adult Classes offered

New to First Lutheran?
If you are new to First Lutheran, we welcome you warmly and are glad that you have decided to be a part of this faith community for a worship service, a class, or any other special event. Coming into a new place like a church can feel awkward, but we really want you to feel welcome and comfortable at First Lutheran. Listed below are some tips and insights that might help you feel at ease as a newcomer to First Lutheran.

Directions to First Lutheran
First Lutheran is located in Volga at 623 Kasan Ave Volga, SD 57071-9120

Sunday Worship Services
During the services in the Sanctuary, ushers hand out bulletins (the order of service) and can assist you in finding a seat. The bulletin has everything you need to follow the worship service. When you are invited to speak or sing during the service, the text and music will also be projected on the screen ahead. Projected text and music helps us to lift our voices and create a sense of energy in the worship space! Also within the bulletin is news and opportunities for all to Invite, Connect, and Grow at First Lutheran. Please feel invited to participate in the opportunities you read about.

All Sunday worship services are about 50 minutes long. The services are liturgical in nature and follow a structured pattern, regardless of whether the style of worship is traditional or contemporary. Worship is a special time when we come together as a Body to actively worship the God of the universe. Feel free to fill out a Welcome Card located next to the hymnals. As you leave worship,, you can hand it to a pastor or place in the wooden box in the narthex. Please be sure your cell phone is muted or turned off during our time of worship together.

Children in worship, the Nursery and Sunday School
Children are welcome in worship and are invited to take an Activity Bag (located outside the Sanctuary) or a Children’s Bulletin if they chose, to help occupy their attention during less active times of the service.

Sunday School is available for any children three years old through 6th grade from September through May. If you are interested in having your child experience Sunday School, you may contact our Education Coordinator, Tonya Beynon, and she will place your child in an age-appropriate class. Sunday School classes are led by adult and youth volunteers.

The Offering
Offering will be collected during the services but we do not expect newcomers to participate in Offering. We believe stewardship and financial support of the ministry is the responsibility of those who call First Lutheran their home faith community.

Holy Communion, one of two Sacraments acknowledged by the Lutheran Church, is celebrated during the services as indicated above. Sacraments are ways in which we experience God’s undeserved love through earthly elements, which Christ himself instituted. At First Lutheran, both elements of bread and wine are received by a method called “Intinction”, where the tip of the wafer or bread is dipped into the red-colored wine or white-colored grape juice. We celebrate Communion as a way to remember who we are and who we are, and all are welcome to the Table. If a child has received instruction on receiving Communion, he or she is welcome to come forward for Communion but to help the servers, a child should be reminded to hold his or her hands out to receive the bread or wafer. If a child has not previously been instructed on receiving Communion, that child is invited to come forward for a blessing and be given Goldfish crackers.

Baptism, which is the second Sacrament celebrated by the Lutheran Church, is a special time when a child or adult is welcomed into a new relationship with God and we celebrate this in the context of a worshiping community of faith. We therefore ask that family members and friends of the baptized person refrain from taking flash photography during the worship service in which the baptism is taking place. If you are interested in more information about Baptism, you may the church.

Adult Learning
Adult Bible studies are offered during the Sunday School hour. This is open to all adults and no pre-registration unless indicated otherwise. Adult studies meet in the basement gathering space.
Stay and Make Friends

Come have refreshments and connecting time after 9:30 worship in the fellowship space located outside the sanctuary. You are invited to stick around and connect with people you may already know at First Lutheran or with people you might have met at First Lutheran. We want to get to know you!
For More Information…

The Information Center in the Narthex is available for you to gather additional information about First Lutheran as you desire. The First Lutheran newsletter, The Voice, which is published monthly and is available at the Information Center, is another way in which people can learn about the First Lutheran faith community. If you would like to receive The Voice in the mail, please let the pastor or church office know and we would be happy to put you on the mailing list.

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