Volga, South Dakota 57071
Volga, South Dakota 57071


Register your child today or put your name on the waiting list. Click the link here: https://firstlutheranvolga.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/2206077


The curriculum will consist of providing experiences in the following areas; spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, language, physical self –help. During our program your child will learn basic skills, ABC’s, 123’s, family atmosphere, fun activities, field trips, and creative learning activities.


First Lutheran Preschool is a ministry of the First Lutheran Church. The affairs and management of the preschool shall be under the direction of the Preschool Task Force. The Task Force is accountable to the congregation through the Board of Education and the Church Planning Council.


Sessions will be determined by the Task Force based on registration. Options include two-day or three-day sessions per week. Dates of the preschool will coincide with the Sioux Valley School calendar, including holidays and snow days.


First Lutheran Preschool is located in the educational wing of First Lutheran Church.

PHONE: (605) 627-5330


  • Students will be accepted on a first come first served basis according to the following schedule:
  • March 1 – April 1: Present students, those on a waiting list, and members of First Lutheran Church.
  • April 1 – August 1: All members of the community.
  • Admission to First Lutheran Preschool is granted without regard to race, color, sex, handicap, or nation origin.
  • Children in the three-year old class must be three years old by September 1st. Children in the four-year old class must be four years old by September 1st.
  • The recommended teacher/student ratio in the three year old class is 1:8. The recommended teacher/student ratio in the four year old class is 1:12.
  • Fees: Tuition rates shall be established annually by the Preschool Task Force.
  • Staff: Teachers will preferably have a degree in child development or elementary education.